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Dudley's Private Airport Transfer Shuttle & Taxi

· Montego Bay | Negril | Lucea

We offer guaranteed private airport taxi, transfer/shuttle without any unnecessary stops and take you directly to your destination in a car, mini-van or bus, and only stop at your request.

This is the best option for airport transfers if you are travelling with family or friends in a small group. Travel on your own schedule and enjoy great scenery along the coast. Take pics while you travel!

We'll meet you at the Airport with Ice Cold Red Stripe Beer & Bottled Water!

Two Types of Transfer, Shuttle & Bar Crawl

Big Ship Tours and Transportation offers two types of airport transfers. These are Private transfer and Standard Transfer.

Private Transfer: Only you, your group and your driver who will be travelling to your destination. Stop if you want. Go when you want.

Standard Transfer: You, your friends and family will be arriving at the same time, and going to the same destination. There may be a waiting period. However our drivers are prepared to wait.

Shuttle: There may be a waiting period of 35 to 45 minutes, for passengers getting off the same flight or close arriving flights. The driver will make a refreshment stop along the way.

Private Bar Crawl: Bar Crawl for groups of 6 or more, ~15min stops at various bars. Currently available in Negril Only.

Private Airport Transfer/Taxi Prices

  • Montego Bay to Negril (1 to 4 people) → $70
  • Montego Bay to Grand Palladium, Lucea (1 to 4 people) → $55
  • Montego Bay Airport to Resorts in Montego Bay (1 to 4 people) → $35
  • Montego Bay Airport to RoseHall/Iberostar (1 to 4 people) → $40
  • Montego Bay to Ocho Rios (1 to 4 people) → $95
  • Montego Bay to Port Antonio (1 to 4 people) → $280
  • Kingston to Negril (1 to 4 people) → $280

*More available on our website. Some prices may vary over time.

For More Information & Reservations

We are ready and waiting to provide you with excellent transport service. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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