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Project Management of an IT Project

· Kingston, Jamaica

Fluid AI is working with a top bank in Jamaica to implement a "Branch of the future", in which Artificial Intelligence and Gesture technology will be combined to create an innovative and novel AI powered experience. A suitable candidate is required to help us co-ordinate the project and work towards its successful implementation. The candidate should have good English communication skills, basic computing skills, good logical reasoning, and should be quick to respond to emails and other forms of communication.

Project duration - 1 month, Full time, (September 2017). On successful completion of the project, the candidate may be considered for a permanent position in the company.

Location - Kingston, Jamaica

About the Company - Fluid AI is one the world's top start-ups in the field of Gesture technology and Artificial Intelligence. Most recently, it has been covered by Forbes magazine. BBC News and Forrester Research. It is a part of the Mastercard StartPath group of companies (5 selected worldwide) and works with some of the top international banks worldwide.

Job Type: Temporary

Job Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Job Type: Full-time

One-time Project: Onsite Project Management. Project Type: One-time project Compensation: 500 - 1000 US dollars per month

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· Posted August 18, 2017
· Updated October 11, 2017
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